Gateway to the Future

The Gateway Project is the vision of a group of individuals dedicated to the continued expansion of Patrick Henry Academy. While tuition does cover our actual operating budget, there are always needs to update and enhance our buildings, programs and resources. 


We are proud of the completion of several phases that were part of the original vision when the Gateway Project began. Phase I included the lower school addition and expanded cafeteria. Phase II and Phase III completed the lower school addition by defining and finishing the classrooms. All construction was completed in 2010 and we are proud to say the final note was paid on the bank loan in 2014! 


Thank you! Your support has allowed the Gateway Project to expand the cafeteria, complete a new music room, art room, science lab, bathrooms, resource room and K3-4th grade classrooms. By contributing to Gateway, you are creating a positive school environment for our students to grow and learn. You are making a difference in children’s lives! 


We have now moved on to the next phases of improving our school. During the summer of 2014, we expanded our library/media center and made improvements to the gym. Our next phase will include renovations to the locker rooms, kitchen, and other rooms surrounding the gym. 


Gateway is an independent fundraising project that will require commitment and resolve to complete. Many area families and friends have supported this effort with time and talent, as well as financial resources. Participation by all of us is the key to our success. The leadership at PHA recognizes that the bulk of our funds will come from the collective effort of many individuals and smaller gifts. No gift is too small to make a difference. This expansion project is happening brick by brick, room by room, and will stand as a monument to our dedication and belief in Patrick Henry Academy.  

You can participate in this project by making a tax-deductive gift to the “Gateway Project”. Make an investment in PHA, our students, our community and our future