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The mission of the guidance department is to collaborate with parents, teachers, staff, administrators, and community members to provide support to all students along their paths in obtaining academic, personal, and career success. We offer individual and group counseling as well as classroom guidance to help meet the individualized needs of all students.



We believe:
Every student deserves a school counselor who is an advocate for his or her best interests.
Every student can succeed.
Every student has the potential to grow and change.
Every student matters.
The School Counselor:
Engages in individual planning to adequately support student needs.
Offers academic support by working with students on organizational skills and study strategies.
Provides crisis intervention and emotional support.
Helps students to explore career interests.
Works with students to improve communication skills and maladaptive behavioral patterns.
Continues to seek out opportunities to grow professionally and stay abreast of current trends in the counseling field.
As a part of the comprehensive school counseling program:
A needs assessment is conducted to assess the most pertinent needs of the students, teachers, and parents.
Preventative counseling services are offered to all students through classroom guidance and individual and group counseling.
Responsive counseling services are available to all students.
College counseling services are available to upper-level students.


Guidance Office Hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday:   9:30am-3:00pm